Privacy Policy

Graphic Studios Ltd.’s security systems are robust and trustworthy…

© Copyright Image Protection

Graphic Studios Ltd.’s team is always open-eyed about the client’s property – obviously, the client’s sent images are their property, and we ensure they are 100% secure. Our transmission channel is only an FTP account, and your submitted images we keep as your property – It is prohibited for our team members to claim ownership of any of your images. Even it is prohibited to sell or share our clients’ submitted images to others. If any of our team members use your photos illegally anywhere, they will lose their jobs. 

Additionally, we keep a 90-day backup of each of your images that are included in the project — so whenever you need it, we can provide it. Your information security is our responsibility.

privacy policy

Client support 24 hours

We are active online 24 hours a day to support our clients with urgent needs. But, we assure you that our team members will never disturb you for any reason or for Order.

Payment System

We directly contact our clients and send the project’s invoices. For the convenience of project-based work, we have a system for taking payments at the end of the month. We receive payments via PayPal, bank, or other virtual cards. Your trust in us is our top priority, and we are committed to maintaining the highest data protection standards – So your payment info will be kept secure.

privacy policy

Cookies Policy

Graphic Studios LTD. is committed to obeying all laws regarding the personal data protection of clients and business partners. For a good user experience, we use the cookies policy — without the cookies policy, site functions and elements do not work smoothly.

Literally, Cookies are a type of file that is sent to you from our server. Our server receives unaltered Cookies from your browser every time you access it. We use the data to track user trends and search footprints and to accumulate user selections.

Whenever you comment on our site, you may give us your name, email address, and website, and we will store them in cookies for a year. This Cookie policy helps to make it easy to leave other comments, meaning it doesn’t ask to fill up the info again. Additionally, we will set a temporary cookie on our log-in page to check whether your browser accepts cookies when you visit the page. And when you close your browser, the cookie is discarded.

Moreover, we will set up various cookies when you want to log in to save your log-in info as well as your screen display choices. And, when you log out from your account, your log-in cookies will be deleted. [Note: Your log-in cookies last for 2 days, and screen options cookies for a year — But when you select “Remember Me,” your log-in cookie will remain active for two weeks.]

Here is another privacy policy cookie stored (for a year) in your browser when you edit or publish an article. The cookie stores only your post ID info, not your personal data.

Privacy Policy Updates

If Graphic Studios LTD.’s privacy practices change in the future, the privacy policy will be updated accordingly. Whenever you face a privacy issue or difference, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us — Just email us at