Image Masking Service

By outsourcing the nitty-gritty photo masking work to us, you can focus on more advanced edits and running your business efficiently.

Professional Photoshop Image Masking Services

Do you want to remove or replace the background of your fuzzy or soft edges images? Take your worries out – Applying the Photoshop image masking method, we can flawlessly make the transformation.

Image masking is a Photoshop-based service and a part of the background removal or replacement method. It allows experts to effortlessly and smoothly change the background behind the subject without any error.

Image masking works similarly to the clipping path method — for furry or soft-edge subjects, image masking services are required to remove or replace the background, but for hard-edge subjects, clipping path services are required. Furry or soft-edge subjects can’t possibly be selected accurately using clipping paths; therefore, image masking must be required. Additionally, while the object’s color and background color are closest and it becomes a little hard to isolate, the image masking method is applied in this case.

Our Image Masking Service

The image masking technique is widely used in e-commerce product photography, creative retouching, and other visual projects. However, depending on the photos needed, the masking service may differ, such as – layer masking, transparent object masking, alpha channel masking, and fur/hair Masking. Graphic Studios LTD professional designers have adequate experience in image masking

Image Masking ServicesImage Masking Service

Photoshop Layer Masking

Photoshop layer masking service is used to show or hide the image’s elements in a specific area. It is mainly used to maintain the areas that require additional editing or making certain modifications. Additionally, it’s widely useful to deal with images containing multiple soft-edged objects that require separation. We offer a flexible layer masking service, which you can control by yourself and change or replace as you want.

Image Masking ServicesImage Masking Service

Transparent / Translucent Object Masking

The transparent object masking method is used to separate a completely transparent object (like Glasses, windows, jugs, pure water, cars, jars, and spectacles) from its background. Additionally, frosted glass, sunglasses, tinted windows, wax paper, or such things that have a partially transparent object need translucent object masking. There is not a big difference between transparent and translucent object masking.

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Image Masking ServicesImage Masking Service

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is a specific type of masking used to create smooth transparency between objects and backgrounds. It is perfect for separating complex details such as smoke, transparent objects with detailed edges, hair, or fur. Also, it is superior in file size, as it is lightweight, making photo downloads and uploads easier. Our “Graphic Studios LTD” team is always ready to provide Alpha channel masking.

Image Masking ServicesImage Masking Service

Fur or Hair Masking

Fur, hair, furry animals, flesh, cloth, models, or such soft-edge objects need the masking method instead of clipping path, which helps to create a realistic hair or fur effect as a result. In image masking services, fur and hair masking is relatively difficult – these types of objects have thin lines or curves. In this method, we will isolate the object and adjust color, brightness, and exposure to enhance the realism of the items.

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Professional Image Masking Services

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Why are we the best choice for Image Masking Services?

Graphic Studios Ltd has an experienced graphic designers team who care about client satisfaction and try to make their designs. Our image masking experts use Adobe software to do the work manually and to get a sharp and accurate selection instead of third-party software. We even offer our clients free trials to check our work quality, and this is a great opportunity to select your assistant for bulk projects. You will also get the following opportunities from us –

  • 100% Manual image masking service;
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  • On-time delivery;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Adaptable payment options;
  • Our Customer Support is available 24/7;
  • Discounts are available on bulk orders.

Who needs our service?

Image masking service is for those who want image manipulation with precise control over individual pixels. This is usually used for image background removal that has fuzzy edges. Widely, professional photographers, e-commerce business owners, social media influencers, and crafters need this photo masking service.