Color Correction Service

Enhance the appearance of your stunning images. We offer affordable services for clipping paths and background removal.

Color Changing & Correction Services

When your photos come out with inappropriate colors of the subject, you may need a color changing or color correction service. This is an advanced image editing technique that is widely used in almost all photography cases. Generally, color changing or color correction services are used for a couple of types of photography, such as – model photography, fashion photography, natural photography, portrait photography, e-commerce product photography, and so on. You may know pretty well that because of lighting, camera setting, and photographic environment, the color may be changed during the shots. 

In this case, if you want to recover the original color of the product, it is possible by applying the color correction method. Color correction is a Photoshop-based service where experts use filters of Photoshop to retrieve the natural color.

Our color correction services

Color correction techniques help to fix inaccurate colors, improve image quality, and create a specific mood or atmosphere. Additionally, the color changing method helps to change the appearance of the object, remove unwanted colors, and create a surreal or fantastical effect. With our advanced tactics and skilled team, we can restore old, vintage, damaged, blurry, over/underexposed, and pixelated photos with high-quality results. 

In color change or color correction services, we mainly do color management, color adjustment, color correction, image enhancement, and image adjustment.

Color Correction ServicesColor Correction Service

Color Replace & Editing

Model and fashion photography must need color correction services to achieve the perfect color combination. By applying the color replacement technique, we recover the original colors of skin, background, apparel, and the environment. Through the color correction method, we can get back photographs of original colors that have lost their appeal because of inappropriate colors and match them with the appropriate color palette.

Color Correction ServicesColor Correction Service

Product Color Editing

Online, a customer decides whether to buy or not after justifying the product image. So, it is important to make sure the product image matches the product. But, when taking shots of products, it may end up with a slightly inaccurate color. But, it is crucial to recover the accurate color of the product otherwise you may lose your consumers. Our photo retouching experts apply color correction techniques to the product image as needed.

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Color Correction ServicesColor Correction Service

Photo Exposure and Color Correction

When taking photographs, it is common to happen to experience underexposure or overexposure. But, it is crucial that the camera captures the appropriate amount of color, light, and other environmental factors. If fails to do so, photo exposure and color correction are an effective method to enhance the visual appeal of images. Our photo exposure and color correction service is the best to enhance the quality of your images and bring them closer to your vision.

Color Correction ServicesColor Correction Service

Black and White Photo Colorization

If you have an old black and white photo, you can transform it into something striking and beautiful. Added colors to old black and white family photos is a way to connect with your ancestors on a deeper level. Additionally, it can change its whole mood and feeling. Old photo colorization can help to improve a photo’s clarity and emotional impact and reinterpret a photograph.

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We provide cheap bulk photo edits at very low prices within your budget.

Professional Photo Color Correction Services

We provide affordable professional image editing that looks great with great quality. We deliver 3000 images in 24 hours.

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Why should you choose us for Photo Color Correction Services?


Graphic Studios Ltd could be the best selection for your image/product color correction because we ensure to satisfy our clients. You can even check the quality of our work using the free trial. Our team are experts in Adobe Photoshop, so you can trust us. We complete projects 100% manually and deliver them as soon as possible. You will get the following opportunities.

  • Perfect pixel quality;
  • Affordable price;
  • Deliver ASAP;
  • Unlimited revisions;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Available 24/7 for support;
  • We offer discounts on bulk orders.

In this service, we will do –

  • Contrast and exposure correction;
  • Saturation and vibrancy correction;
  • Sharpening and noise reduction;
  • Highlighting and shadow correction;
  • Photoshop color balance correction;
  • Image white balance correction

Who needs photo color change & color correction services?

Color Correction and Color Change are part of an image editing service. This may be necessary for all kinds of people who take a photo and want to present it in front of someone. It could be a wedding photo color correction, Black and White Photo Colorization, Product Colorization, jewelry Colorization, and so on. The following list includes a variety of clientele that may require this service –


  • Commercial Photographers;
  • E-commerce companies;
  • Advertising agencies;
  • Social Media Influencers.