Professional Clipping Path Service

Enhance the appearance of your stunning images. We offer affordable & Best clipping path Services and background removal.

Professional Hand-Drawn Clipping Path Services

If you have a tight budget but need professional & demanding clipping path drawings for your Product/images then stop looking further! Graphic Studios LTD is here to provide the best clipping path service with professional work at a cost-effective price.     

Clipping path is part of background removal services it is an easy and accurate way to remove the background from an image or separate each object of the image. While you need to separate a particular subject from a complex image, in this case, clipping path service is the best selection. Additionally, for cutting out a complex image’s background, it is also the perfect selection. 

Clipping path is mainly a Photoshop-based service, the full process is completed by the Photoshop pen tool by creating a close vector path around the objects. Clipping path services are widely used in e-commerce businesses, online e-commerce websites, and photography agencies, as well as in the biggest online shops like – Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Flipkart.

By the way, you must ensure that you hire the best clipping path service provider cause it’s literally a tough task – no one can do better than a professional. The clipping path must have to be completed by Adobe Photoshop‘s pen tool instead of any third-party software to avoid potential issues. Our clipping path specialists have experience in Adobe Photoshop, and we ensure 100% manual work.

Our Hand-Drawn Clipping Path Service

We provide 100% manual and hand-drawn paths. Based on image complexity and efforts, the clipping path service is separated into 6 categories. [Note: Each category’s price is different. If you are confused, please submit us a quote.]

Basic Clipping Pathbest clipping path service

Basic Clipping Path

Shoes, books, bottles, mobile phones, eggs, or such products or images that have simple edges and shapes without any holes are perfect for basic clipping path services. However, the subject’s shape may be round, rectangular, or triangle — this kind of image is not so difficult to draw paths and needs less effort.

Simple Clipping Pathbest clipping path service

Simple Clipping Path

There is little difference between basic and simple paths. Bags, watches, shirts, pants, glasses or such products or images that have simple edges and shapes with holes are perfect for Simple clipping path services. This kind of subject is simple to draw paths on and needs less effort.

Start From

$ 0.10

Images 24 Hour

2500 Delivery

Start From

$ 0.15

Images 24 Hour

2500 Delivery
Medium Clipping Pathbest clipping path service

Medium Clipping Path

Bracelets, knick-knacks, engine parts or such subjects are not easy to separate by drawing paths. These types of subjects have a huge number of holes and anchor points, which need medium clipping path service to draw flawless paths. It demands little effort and time.

Complex Clipping Pathbest clipping path service

Complex Clipping Path

Buildings, necklaces, trees, chains, nets or such subjects need a complex clipping path service to separate flawlessly with a cutting-edge path without any error. This type of image has complex designs and shapes where a lot of holes and closed paths are included.

Start From

$ 0.20

Images 24 Hour

2000 Delivery

Start From

$ 0.39

Images 24 Hour

500 Delivery
Multiple Clipping Pathbest clipping path service

Multiple Clipping Path

When an image has multiple elements and needs multiple paths for selecting the object perfectly, the image must need a multiple-clipping path service. For example, a model wearing a shirt, pants, cap, watch, glasses, and so on – in this case, it demands effort to draw paths and time.

Super Complex Clipping Pathbest clipping path service

Super Complex Clipping Path

If your edit-wanted image objects are cars, motorbikes, bicycles, food collections, and sets of jewelry that have tons of anchor points. Means, drawing paths to select and separate them, which requires huge effort and time. This type of image needs super complex clipping path services.

Start From

$ 0.55



Start From

$ 1

Images 24 Hour

250 Delivery

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We provide cheap bulk photo edits at very low prices within your budget.

Professional Clipping Path Services

          We Provide 100% manual Hand-drawn and high-quality Clipping path services, which are best for usage anywhere             you want. We are able to deliver 250-2500 hand-drawn pathed images in a day.

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Why our company is the best clipping path service provider?

Graphic Studios Ltd is one of the Affordable & best clipping path service provider companies that is always ready to provide services all over the world. Our clipping path experts focuses on the consumer’s requirements and satisfaction, as well as tries to deliver the best output. We make sure that our service is 100% manual – the project will be completed by making hand-drawn paths instead of using any automated software. As a result, you can put the object on any background. Our clipping path company offers affordable prices, as well as free trials.

More about this service, why you should choose us as your assistant –

  • 100% hand-drawn paths;
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Money back guarantee;
  • Unlimited revisions;
  • Cost-effective;

In these following conditions, you may need the Clipping Path Services

  • When you want to change or remove the background.
  • While you want to select a specific part of an image.
  • When you need to remove an unnecessary object from the image.