Shadow Creation Service

Transform your pictures with various shadow effects including drop shadow, natural shadow, cast shadow, and reflection shadow. These effects add vitality, character, depth, and texture to your images. Contact our customer service for any special requirements.

Photoshop Photo Shadow Creation Services

Boom! There is an effective way to make your eCommerce product more attractive, whether it is in a row, naked, or wild format – that is shadow effects. Yeah! By creating shadow effects, you can make your products more eye-catching and realistic – which helps to attract the attention of customers and may increase the sales percentage. If you are interested in applying shadow effects to your commerce products to make them attractive, then get professional Photo shadow creation services. Stop looking further! – we are here to provide you with assistance; we are a professional and experienced team. 

When we add shadows effects on products, we mainly apply several types of photo editing tricks, like – removing the background using clipping pass or image masking tricks, cleaning noise, enhancing and retouching the photo, applying color corrections, and at the final step, apply the best shadow that matches with the product.

Our Photo Shadow creation services

Websites, e-commerce sites, Social media, product catalogs, printing media, digital media ads, magazine ads, and others needed the Photoshop shadow creation service. Depending on your product, the shadow effect creation may differ. We offer four popular & high-quality shadow creation services – drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, and original shadow. Let’s get to know them –

Shadow Creation Services photo shadow creation services

Create Reflection Shadow

You may see online that most of the products are presented with reflections. It looks realistic, right? But, the reflected shadow is created by software – it’s not captured by shots. Usually, reflection shadow is added by Photoshop software after the photography – it is added for those products whose background surface plate is reflected in the bottom area. For example, it could be glass bottles, ceramic products, medicine products, plastic bottles, jewelry, or electronic equipment. We ensure that the reflected shadow that we add looks deep, detailed, and realistic.

Shadow Creation Services photo shadow creation services

Create Natural Shadow

Natural shadow is created for those products whose background surface does not reflect in the bottom area during the photography period. For example, it could be furniture, fabrics, leather goods, metal products, and so on. The most amazing thing is that this shadow gives a product a 3D look, which can attract people’s eyes to take out their credit cards to make a purchase. Our Photoshop specialist will complete the project manually and give a professional outcome.

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Images 24 Hour

1000 Delivery

Shadow Creation Services photo shadow creation services

Create Drop Shadow

The image drop shadow is created by the Photoshop drop shadow filter, which helps to make a realistic shadow effect from various angles on the back of the product and opacities, as well as a glow. Drop shadow effects are the most popular for giving an image a professional look and enhancing its visual appeal. Depending on the specific product and its desired visual representation, whether drop shadows are suitable is considered.

Shadow Creation Services photo shadow creation services

Retain Original Shadow

In some cases, because of poor environment and photography, product shadows may outcome as obscured. So, the shadow may look unreal – that’s normal! We will help showcase your product in the best possible way. As a solution, the realistic look can be restored through the original shadow creation. We guarantee that you get high-quality and professional services and retain your product’s original shadow.

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700 Delivery

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$ 0.40

Images 24 Hour

500 Delivery

Cheap photo editing offer price

We provide cheap bulk photo edits at very low prices within your budget.

Professional Shadow Creation Services

Graphic Studios LTD.’s team are able to retouch around 500-1000 images in a day. Our image Shadow creation service is 100% Manual, we do it with Adobe Photoshop instead of third-party software.

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Why is Graphic Studio Ltd the best choice for photo shadow creation?


The Graphic Studio Ltd team already handles many bulk shadow creation projects, and our clients are satisfied with our work. Our team contains experienced graphic designers who always focus on client satisfaction and work quality. We ensure 100% accuracy by completing shadow creation projects with Adobe Photoshop instead of any automated software. Our team tries to do the work properly, on time, and deliver. Following these shadow creations, we provide –

  • Natural shadow,
  • Drop shadow,
  • Floating shadow,
  • Existing shadow,
  • Reflection/mirror shadow service.

You will get the following opportunities from this service –

  • 100% manual work;
  • Flexible payment system;
  • Customer Support is available 24/7;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Unlimited revisions;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Discounts are available on bulk orders.

Who needs shadow creation services?

Businesses and individuals often require shadow creation services to enhance the professional output of their images and products. Shadow adds visual appeal and professionalism to the image, so you may need the service to make it attractive in people’s eyes. Widely, Jewelry shops, Online stores, Advertising Agencies, E-commerce sites, and Fashion houses use this Photoshop shadow creation service.