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Are you looking for very low-cost ecommerce photo editing services Then you are entering the right company. We work with Photographer Agencies in 100 countries and are associated with the world’s biggest online shops like Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, Wildberries,  Flipkart, and bulk image editing. We deliver 3000 image background removal services in 24 hours through 120+ employees

Ecommerce Photo Editing


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Professional Ecommerce Photo Editing

Do you need different product image editing services? You can start your project from our company for $0.15 cents. My team can deliver your work quickly.

Ecommerce Photo Editing


We provide affordable professional photo editing services that looks great with lots of quality.

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Clipping Path

Clipping Path is a perfect Ecommerce photo editing service in Adobe Photoshop that uses the Pen tool to remove, replace, or alter the background of an image. It is commonly used by commerce sites and professional photographers. Our experienced photo editor scan expertly removes the background from various types of photos, including e-commerce product, fashion, jewelry, and real estate photography

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Image Masking

Photoshop image  masking is a technique used with clipping  path to remove  the background  of   complex  images.  It  is  commonly  used  for e-commerce  websites  and catalogs to create advertisement  displays. Image masking    is especially useful  when clipping path alone is not enough, such as when working with hair, fur, or transparent images like glasses or feathers.

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Photo Retouching

We specialize in retouching for  professional photographers and  designers. Our expertise  ranges  from  subtle enhancements to  extensive   digital  manipulation  and compositing.  Our team has the   perfect   techniques and tools for retouching both products and models.  

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E-commerce Product Image Editing

E-commerce  Product Image Editing Services improve product photographs   to make them more appealing for online stores.  These  services  enhance  the   quality and visual appeal of the images through techniques like color correction, background   removal, retouching, and image enhancement. The goal  is  to     create attractive visuals that capture customers’ attention and boost sales.

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Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is a popular method used by e-commerce businesses, fashion brands photographers, and magazines to create a seamless presentation of clothing and accessories. By removing models or dummies and blending the items with a blank or digital mannequin shape, it enhances the product’s features and highlights its details. This technique saves time and resources while maintaining high-quality visuals.

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Color Change or Correction

Color  change  or  correction  refers to the process of altering or adjusting the colors in  an  image  or design to achieve a desired visual result. It involves adjusting various color   properties  such as   hue,   saturation,  brightness, contrast, and  color  balance  to achieve the  desired  look or to fix any color inconsistencies in the image.

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Background Removal

Background  removal  or photo  cut  out service is  a  process of  separating  the main subject or object from its background in an image. By removing the background, the subject can be placed  on     different background  or  used    in various      creative ways  without  any  distractions. It  helps  to enhance  the visual appeal, focus on the subject, and create a professional and polished look for the image.

homeEcommerce Photo Editing

Shadow Creation Service

Shadow Creation is an image editing service that enhances the appearance  of  a photo,  making  it  more appealing.By adding shadows  to  product  images,  they appear  more  realistic  and  create  a 3D effect. This can lead to higher conversion rates for e-commerce customers.

Confused? Want to test our quality? We offer 2-3 free edited images for you to try Just send us a message with your images directly.

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We provide cheap bulk photo edits at very low prices within your budget.

Clipping Path

Starting at 0.15 cents

Background removal / Cut out / White background


Background Removal

Starting at 0.20 cents

Transparent background / White background / Cut out


Ghost Mannequin

Starting at 0.75 cents

Neck joint / 3D mannequin / Invisible mannequin

Welcome to Graphic Studios Ltd. Our prices start at $0.15 for a simple clipping path service or Photoshop editing. The price varies depending on the complexity of the image, ranging from simple to super complex. If you would like a better idea of the pricing, please send some images to our experienced team. We will analyze them and provide you with an exact price based on the quantity of images. Send us some images and we will give you an accurate price estimate.

Do You offer a Free Trial?

Certainly! We do provide a free trial. If you have a large number of images that you would like to have processed, but you would like to test the quality of our image editing services first, you can request a free trial. Thank you!

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Our pricing for simple sample clipping path service or Photoshop editing starts at $0.15. If you would like a more accurate price, please send us some images so that we can provide you with an exact price.